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Deleting Logs

i have recently downloaded your user logger and it is a great program but how do you delete the logged information in txt? as when i delete it it comes back. This even happens when i save it when it is all deleted.

I've tried cutting the stuff from userlog.txt but it keeps turning up again with all the info I don't need anymore.

Deleting userlog.txt (or cutting stuff) won't work if User Logger is running!
So make sure it isn't, with CTRL+ALT+DEL



How can I keep User Logger running after configuring it?

Uncheck the checkbox in the bottom-left
(The checkbox says "Stop User Logger after this dialog is closed")

Can I run User Logger from the command line?

Yes, use the Run parameter,
i.e. USRLOG.EXE run


One Instance Only

After closing the main window I can't open it again.
What do I do to get the main window up again?

If User Logger is running, the Configuration window will not open.
This is so only one instance of User Logger can run.
Stop User Logger with the Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL then select User Logger and click End Task)
Once User Logger has stopped you will be able to configure it again in the Configuration window.


Data Folder Size

if i have the save file size of say 1 mb
when the folder is full will it just overwrite and start again or will it stop logging?

User Logger stops logging when that size is reached or exceeded.



A few users reported a Bug in the first public release (v1.6)
The error message shows as:
    Access violation at address 0047FA72

This was fixed in v2.0


The Freeware version 2.3 captures JPEG screen shots, but incorrectly names them with a .GIF extension

This is not a problem in either the Registered version or Freeware v 2.1


Screen shot scaling didn't work properly in most versions before 2.8

This is fixed in the Registered version


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