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What User Logger does
User Logger stores information about

Use any spreadsheet application to analyse the log.
User Logger stores the information in a tab delimited ASCII text file,
which you can drag-and-drop into your spreadsheet application.

User Logger comes with built in Screen Capturing utility
to make screen shots and save them as GIF or JPEG images
    (including the Freeware version)


How it can be used

As a responsible Parent, Teacher or Network Administrator,
you would like to think your PC is being used purposefully.

But you can`t always be there to watch what`s going on.
User Logger can take care of that monitoring for you.
It will log User Names, dates and times and optionally record all sorts of other information.

User Logger can take shots of the screen (at intervals you set)
and even look for a keyword (such as internet) before taking the screen shot.

User Logger was originally written for a local school, to see whether the old machines were being used.

Time Tracking - If you charge out your computer time, use it to work out how much time you have spent on a project.

Employers use it to monitor computer use at work.


Status . . . Latest Versions: Freeware and Registered both at v2.9

Features in the Freeware and Registered Versions

Screen Shots

Run OptionsText OptionsScreen CaptureKey CaptureSchedule


Additional Features in the Registered Version

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With Setup v2.9 (603 KB) from Winsite or Chemware

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