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Element Gorilla - Grills chemical element names and symbols.  Freeware (238 kB)
Element Gorilla Plus - The Shareware Version has more features (628 kB)
Organic Chemistry v2.0 - Alkene drills and hypertext notes (46 kB)
Chemical Formula Tutor - Drag-and-drop learning of formulas (866 kB)
Electrochemical Cells Pro - Build virtual batteries (1.12 MB)
Trout's Internet Clock - Talking Desktop Clock, Scheduler, Time Synchronizer, Time Zone Viewer (936 kB)
Trout's GIF Optimizer - Freeware for creating smaller GIF files (365 kB)
User Logger - Freeware to log users, times and useful information as well as screen shots (327 kB)

Take the online Javascript Alkane Naming Quiz

VBScript pH calculator

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The Chemical Thesaurus 3 - Free reaction chemistry software
Dynamic Web Concepts - Selected freeware. They build websites too
Science Teachers` Resource Center - Free Demonstrations, Labs, Resources, Tips and worksheets
The Chem Place - Free stuff and techniques from an experienced chemistry teacher
1001 Periodic Table and Chemistry Quiz Questions
CHEMIX is an interactive educational software tool developed by a chemist (and teacher) for students, teachers and chemists, covers a wide range of topics
Advanced Chemistry Development has an Educators Page which has freeware ChemSketch, Spectra Viewing and ChemFolder
MDL's Freeware - including ISIS Draw a molecule editor for organic compounds, which is free for personal and academic use and the Netscape Navigator Plugin Chime
Rasmol and Chime - "Molecular Visualization Freeware" (Windows and Mac)
Hypertext Dictionary of Organic Chemistry - A dictionary, in help file (.HLP) format (157 kB)

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Try the pH Tutorial Launch Pad - "notes and self directed exercises"..."aimed at first year university students with no prior knowledge of acid-base chemistry"
Academic Assistance Access free tutoring service on the Web (you need to fill in a simple form first)

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The SciStore Mall has some serious software,
from top of the line ChemOffice WebServer Ultra 2000, through different categories:
[ Chemical Office Suites | Structure Drawing | 3D Modelling | Chemical Databases | Math | Graphing | Statistics... ]
down to Demos, Freeware and Betas

Check out the nobel prizes at

ChemSpy - Chemistry and Chemical Engineering related www-Databases
The Pictorial Periodic Table
Chemistry Software Reviews - University of Liverpool
WWW Links for Chemists is part of the WWW Virtual Library they also have plugins and applets
Chemistry and Physics on the Internet
Chemie.DE - Searchable Information Service: Jobs, Events, Software... (deutsche Website)
Yahoo Chemistry Page
Nerd World: Chemistry

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