Windows True Type Fonts

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Name            Size 
Description    11578 
Two fonts from Digital Type Foundry    6495 
Elder Futhark by David A. HAcker Mage Solutions  16121 
Futhark truetype font by Morten Bek       7398 
GayaZ Font by Amnon converted from Macintosh True Type Font   251096 
Rune font pack for Windows w/help & MS-Word utils (© Daniel Steven Smith)    17876 
Two Futharks by Curtis Clark     35351 
A Futhark by Jeffrey S Powell

 abc/   Some Alphabetic fonts in the Viking/Olde English theme.
 other/ Dwarvish, Ogham, Tengwar, Witchcraft and other fonts.
 pics/  Icons and pics for this page.

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