Some historic sounds mainly of New Zealand marine radiotelegraphy from 1993.
(In "wav" format)updated 21/09/02

G.M.V. ARATIKA sends a TR to Wellingtonradio on 500 khz.(133kb)

GYSA calls Aucklandradio/ZLD on 500 khz.(275kb)

Suvaradio sends an Urgency signal on 500 khz(354kb)

Aucklandradio sends the notice of it's final closure on 487khz(554kb)

G.M.V. ARAHURA sends a TR on leaving Wellingtonradio on 500 khz.(190kb)

Aucklandradio announces a gale warning on 500 khz (211kb)

ARAHURA asks ARAHANGA to go to VHF Ch. 16 on 500khz(149kb)

G.M.V. ARAHURA sends a TR on entering Picton 500khz(148kb)

Wellingtonradio broadcasts an emotional notice of it's closure on 2153khz(512kb)

Aucklandradio / ZLD send a Navigational warning on 487khz(254kb)

All of these recordings were made by the author onboard the New Zealand inter island rail ferry ARAHURA / ZMBS in November 1993 when I was Radio Officer. All the recordings were done while the ARAHURA was in the Cook Strait / Wellington / Picton area. Those featuring the ARAHURA sound noisy due to the key clicks caused by the receivers being demuted during key down periods of the transmitter. Some of the recordings are of very distant stations such as Suvaradio / 3DP at about 1500 miles, Aucklandradio at about 400 miles and GYSA which was probably at least 400 miles. Wellingtonradio was at all times within about 30 miles. "ARATIKA" and "ARAHANGA" were also interisland ferries operated by "The Interisland Line". Experienced operators used to the high radio densities of European and other waters will be amazed at the relative silence on 500 khz. Of course sometime earlier it was much busier, but by 1993 traffic was very light on 500 khz.