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All designs were created by Ethereal Designs using original designs or picture tubes obtained from websites claiming they were free for commercial use.

*If you see any tube that was created by yourself and is copyrighted,
please let me know and I will remove it immediately*

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Terms of Use

1. You must download the images to your own server. DO NOT LINK TO THE IMAGES ON THIS SERVER. There will be a zip file avaliable for download containing everything you need.

2. You MUST provide a link to Ethereal Designs, clearly displayed on the page where the webset is used.  A separate "Credits" page is not acceptable.  Links and logos are provided with every linkware set.  A text link is fine, shown in the following format:

"This webset is Copyright Ethereal Designs.  All rights reserved."

3. Do not alter my sets or graphics in any way. You may add text to the blank buttons provided.

4. If your site contains or promotes pornography, violence, racism, or any offensive or controversial material, please do NOT use any graphics from this site.

5. Do not use any linkware sets on a commercial website. You may, however, choose to purchase a linkware set for exclusive use. Click on the sets to find out more, or email me.



Crystal Cavern Tranquil Delight Purple Haze

Fruit Basket Pink Passion Ocean Dreaming

Parchment Flavours Rock

A Rose Sometimes vacations are just better
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