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Go to Robert Wyllie Robert Wyllie Born 1620 and the oldest researched family name linked
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Go to Robert Wyllie John Wyllie (brother of Robert born 1752) Born in 1765 and link to entire new lines of the family including the USA, Australia, and New Zealand (These pages are still being developed) This page has been set as a contact reference point for people of the same surname (Wyllie that is). Even if your surname is spelt slightly different I would like to here from you eg Wylie  or Whyle etc (Link to the Wyllie Story) 

Go to Robert Wyllie Robert Wyllie Born 1752 & His Children (the start of the document supported family tree)  If your origins can be traced back to Scotland around last century (my great great grandparents left to go to Australia about 1860) then send me a message as we have a number of arms of the family we would like to trace. 
Go to John Wyllies Children Children of John Wyllie & Agnes Miller (John was born 1788)  For those wanting to know there is an entire wing of the Family name in and around Queensland and I have most of their contact details as my grandfather came to Link to New Zealand Maps  New Zealand early this century from that wing of the family.
Go to George Wyllies Children Children of George Wyllie & Susan Carter  
(George was born 1828 & this provides the main known link to the UK side of the Family) 

Go to Alexander Walker  Wyllies Children Children of Alexander Walker Wyllie born 1833 & Jane Birkmyre Neill.  (N.Z/Australian  side of the family.) We believe that some of the arms of the family may have gone to America and even elsewhere in New Zealand and we are aware of some who have remained in Scotland and the U.K. and who have been contacted by my Aunt and we hold a family bible going back to late in the 18th Century which has some names we have not traced yet.  We have traced the Brazilian link through one of the missing names and this is now in the database. 

Go to John William Wyllies Children Children of John William Wyllie & Alice Royal (John is the eldest son of George Wyllie, in the UK) There are the descendants of James Shaw Wyllie some of who have not been traced and are of particular interest. He was born in 1821 of John Wyllie and Agnes Miller. He married and had 3 sons, John Alfred who we have the Brazilian link from, Arthur M and Frederick. We know nothing of the decendants of either Arthur or Frederick. We know of a second James Shaw Wyllie (Captain) who is refered to in the Bits and Pieces Page along with a number of other references.
Go to Percy  George Wyllies Children Children  and grandchildren of Percy George Wyllie & Hilda Duff (Knight) This is also part of the current/present time UK family tree. 
Go to George Ernest Wyllies Children Children and grandchildren of George Ernest Wyllie and Kitty Allen (current/present  time UK Family tree.) We also have discovered another James Wyllie the brother of John Wyllie whose decendants are unknown along the decendants of William Wyllie who we know the names of the children and little more. 
Go to John Carlise Wyllies Children To the Children of John Carlise Wyllie and main link into the  Australian side of the family tree. 
Children of Alexander Walker Wyllie & Eudoras Trotter The Children of Alexander Walker Wyllie and Eudoras Trotter (New Zealand Branch) It is notable that many of the early family tree members were military officers and at least one died in battle. This may be a course followed by some descendants as it was normal to purchase your commission prior to this century. Investigations have shown a number of decendants serving in India and all to be commisioned officers with some reaching very high ranks.
To Children of Basil and Edna Wyllie To the Children of Basil and Edna Wyllie (Australian present day)
To the Brazilian Branch of the Family James Shaw Wyllies Children and link to the recently discovered  Brazilian Branch of the family It is intended to update these pages further as details come in. For now the following Pages have been established to provide the base information for those interested.
Other Links & Information
To Other Wyllie Family Links Click here for external links to other pages showing the  
Wyllie Name
To other misc Wyllie information The Bits and Pieces Page: This page contains information provided by other Wyllie/Wylie names to which  links have yet be established.
To the Wyllie History Story For the Wyllie family Story click here (This includes links to  New Zealand & Brazilian Stories)
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To the Wyllie Marriage List 1735 to 1765 List of all Marriages in Scotland from 1735 to 1765 
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If you think you are related and can give me some further details e-mail me at the following address. 
Garth Wyllie
E-mail to garth@iconz.co.nz Mail garth@iconz.co.nz