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This page is provided to share information and useful links that I have found relating to prostate cancer and the things we eat.
I have deliberately kept the page simple and minimised the number of links,  just to give you ideas on what to consider.
There is no guarantee of accuracy of any information, nor any responsibility taken for the use or non-use of any of this information.
I strongly recommend that you discuss any dietary or nutritional changes with your doctor, to avoid any adverse effects on your health or other medical treatment(s).
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Foods and Supplements that may help fight Prostate Cancer

Suggested Reading : The Prostate Cancer Protection Plan

Apricot Kernels / Vitamin B-17 / Laetrile

Suggested Reading : World without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17

Web sites to visit:  [ Cancer - Amygdalin - Vitamin B17 - Key player in nutritional approach to cancer ]
                                [ ]
                                [ Cancernet information on laetrile ]


Suggested Reading : New Nutrients against Cancer:

Web sites to visit: [ Lycopene - A good reason to eat tomatoes ]


Suggested Reading : Selenium against Cancer and AIDS:

Web sites to visit: [ Selenium Lowers Incidence of Lung, Colorectal, and Prostate Cancers  ]


Suggested Reading : Soy Smart Health:

Web sites to visit: [ ]

Raw Vegetables, Fruits and Juices

Suggested Reading : The Juice Lady's Guide to Juicing for Health:

Web sites to visit:  [ American Institute for Cancer Research ]

Vitamin D

Suggested Reading : Calcium, Vitamin D, and Prevention of Colon Cancer

Web sites to visit:  [ OHSU studying vitamin D as treatment for prostate cancer ]

Vitamin E

Suggested Reading : The Vitamin E Factor:

Web sites to visit:  [ Vitamin E And Prostate Cancer ]

Herbal Remedies that may help fight Prostate Cancer

Suggested Reading : Herbal Medicine, Healing and Cancer


Web sites to visit:  [ PC-SPES Home Page ]


Suggested Reading :  Essiac Essentials
                                    Essiac: A Native Herbal Cancer Remedy

Web sites to visit:  [ The Essiac Handbook ]

Foods that may be best reduced or  avoided


Animal Fats

Dairy Products

Web sites to visit:  [ Milk may raise prostate cancer risk ]

Red Meat

Refined sugar


Complete Book of Men's Health
This reference book of health symptoms and conditions relating to men's health covers 1990s development such as Viagra and saw palmetto, a herb popular for prostate problems. It also covers fertility, cholesterol, combatting stress and how to decrease risk of cancer.

Herbs Against Cancer
Looks at the history of various herbs that were thought to be useful in treat cancer, and assesses the evidence for each herb's claims of effectiveness.

The Way of Herbs
This guide offers comprehensive descriptions of herbal treatments for cancer, arthritis, colds and influenza. It shows how to gain and maintain health through a holistic approach, with information on simple herb remedies, and descriptions of more than 140 Western herbs and 31 Chinese herbs.

Vitamin D
A comprehensive overview of the biological functions and clinical applications of vitamin D and its metabolites. Topics range from recent recommendations for vitamin D intake to new approaches for the treatment and prevention of vitamin D deficiency.

A Path to Healing
Twenty years ago, at age twenty-nine, Andrea Sullivan was a stressed-out high-level executive at HUD. Thirty pounds overweight, with a face full of ache, Sullivan was in a state of what she now calls "dis-ease". Moved by a desire to cure her own ills and help her community in a "meaningful way", she quit her job and decided to become a doctor. Choosing to pursue alternative medicine, Sullivan studied naturopathy and is now one of the premiere naturopathic physicians in the nation.

Advances in Nutrition and Cancer : 2.
This work investigates the interactions between human nutrition and the development of malignancies. The advancements in the last six years derive from the use of molecular approaches to perform research in nutrition. It uses molecular studies to research the topics.

Prevention's New Foods for Healing
This book reveals that the magical healing power of foods extends well beyond the vitamins and minerals they contain. You'll learn about phytonutrients, the thousands of natural substances with names like quercetin (found in apples), lycopene (found in tomatoes and apricots), and sulforaphane (found in cruciferous vegetables) - many of which are more powerful than vitamins in protecting our health. These substances have the ability to slow or even stop many of the most serious health threats facing Americans today, from cancer to heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke.

Tomato Power!: Lycopene: the Miracle Nutrient That Can Prevent Aging, Heart Disease and Cancer.
Lycopene is a powerful nutrient in red ripe tomatoes, spotlighted by Harvard's School of Public Health, that reduces the risk from such killers as prostate, breast, cervix, and skin cancers. It also can reduce the incidence of heart disease, memory loss and other age related problems. "Tomato Power" discusses the science and state of the art relative to nutritional benefits of Lycopene in an easy to read and understand manner.

Other useful sources of information

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