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This page is provided to share information on how to reduce the unsolicited bulk email messages (SPAM) about "get rich quick" and multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes that plague the Internet.
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Last modified on 03 February, 2001

Anti Spam Services

If you get bombarded with unwanted junk email (SPAM) as a result of using the Newsgroups then try registering with the
following sites which maintain lists of those people not wishing to receive junk mail promotions.
[ ] -oo- []
[ The Anti-Spam HOWTO ] -oo- [ Figuring out the site the Spam came from ]
[ Help stop Scam Spammers ]  -oo- [ The SPAM-L FAQ ]
[ Complaint Addresses & Whois servers ]  -oo- [ Anchor Desk "Special Spam Fighting Edition" ]
[ How to Get Rid of Junk Mail, Spam, and Telemarketers ]  -oo- [ Consumers Connect ]
[ ] -oo- [ ]
[ ] -oo- [ ]
[ ] -oo- [ ]
Some useful ideas to combat SPAM can be found in Dealing with Junk Email
One way of fighting junk mail is to send the message to the Postmaster or Webmaster of the originating Site. Most ISPs are actively trying to stop bulk unsolicited email and will process complaints. For example America On-Line have an address which can be used to report SPAM from their domain.

If you have any anti-SPAM suggestions or ideas, please email me using a link on one of my other pages.
No email address is given on this page as it will pick up MLM SPAM schemes.

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